Barnsley’s Tree Julia Set Fractal

Barnsley’s Tree Julia Set Fractal – as seen on MathWorld :
zn+1 = zc(zn – sign(Re(zn))), zc = 0.6+1.1i
(* runtime: 38 seconds *)
Julia = Compile[{{z, _Complex}}, Length[FixedPointList[f, z, 100, SameTest -> (Abs[#] > 2 &)]]];
f[z_] := c(z - Sign[Re[z]]);
c = 0.6 + 1.1 I;
DensityPlot[Julia[x + I y], {x, -2, 2}, {y, -2, 2}, PlotPoints -> 275, Mesh -> False, Frame -> False, ColorFunction -> Hue];


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