Mandelbrot Set Tessellation

Mandelbrot Set Tessellation : The left image is distorted because it is not a hyperbolic tiling. For more information, see Bill Rood’s web site and the book “The Colours of Infinity”.

(* runtime: 70 seconds *)
image = Import["C:/Picture.jpg"][[1, 1]]; n = Length[image]; m = Length[image[[1]]];
Show[Graphics[RasterArray[Table[Module[{zc = x + I y, z = 0.0}, Do[z = z^2 + zc, {25}]; RGBColor @@ (image[[Floor[n Mod[Re[Log[Log[z]]]m/n, 1]] + 1, Floor[m Mod[2Arg[zc], 1]] + 1]]/255.0)], {y, -1.5, 1.5, 3/275}, {x, -2, 1, 3.0/275}]], AspectRatio -> 1]];


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